MOBIRATE: the transformation device of the main five gokaiger that is a cell phone. w

mobirate, and three ranger keys

henever a ranger key is inserted, the top side opens up into the gokaiger symbol. the buttons are used to summon the gokai galleon. it allows the gokaiger to change into any senshi that they have the key for.

GOKAI SABER: the main weapon of each gokaiger. each one has an opening slot that ranger keys can be inserted to initiate a final wave
Gokai saber

gokai saber

finishing move.

Gokai gun

gokai gun

GOKAI GUN: each gokaigers main sidearm. each one has an opening slot that ranger keys can be inserted to initiate a final wave finishing move.

GOKAI CELLULER: the transformation device of gokai silver. unlike the mobirate, the keys used for the gokai celluler arent folded, just inserted regulerly. each key has a button for there senshi. it scans each key with a scanner shaped like an anchor, gokai silvers motif. the time fire key is used to summon the gou jyu drill.

GOKAI SPEAR: the primary weapon of gokai silver. it has three modes, trident mode: the offence of gokai silver in his reguler mode, gun mode: the main sidearm of gokai silver, and anchor mode: the offensive weapon of gokai silver in gold mode. it has a slot for a ranger key that would be used for final wave finishing moves.
Gokai spear

gokai spear

GOKAI GALLEON BUSTER: the giant cannon that uses the grand power of the ohranger. it is used by the main five gokaiger(save for episode 37, where joe was absent and gai took his place) it has five slots where the keys are inserted, and a sail that doubles as the target scope.

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