Kanzen soul

kanzen soul

Go-on gokai-oh

go-on gokai-OH

Kanzen gokai-oh

kanzen gokai-OH

ENGINE #13 MACHAFALCON is the grand power of the go-ongers. he is the sone of engine 1: speedor and engine 3: bearRV. he is the thirneenth engine because is the 13th engine seen as well as the son of engines 1 and 3. he combines with gokai-OH to form GO-ON GOKAI-OH, in this form, machafalcons wheels can fold down to gain flight, similar to the deLorean in"back to the future: part 2". it can further combine with gou jyu jin to form KANZEN GOKAI-OH. when forming go-on gokai-oh, gokai-oh would insert the machafalcon engine soul into the right side of machafalcon, and when forming kanzen gokai-oh, gokai-oh and gou jyu jin insert the gokaiger engine soul into the left side of machafalcon.
Engine machafalcon

engine 13: machafalcon

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