• LOS DARK: the main villain of the film and captain of the ghost ship
    Combined combatman

    the combined combatman

  • COMBINED COMBATMAN: the combined form of the footsoldiers of the first 34 sentai series. he was
    Los dark

    Los dark

    destroyed by the gokaiger as battle fever J.
    • GORANGERS: zolders
    • JAKQ: crimers
    • BATTLE FEVER J: cutmen
    • DENJIMAN: dustlers
    • SUN VULCAN: machinemen
    • GOGGLE V: spotmen
    • DYNAMAN: tail soldiers
    • BIOMAN: mechaclones
    • CHANGEMAN: hidrer soldiers
    • FLASHMAN: zolors
    • MASKMAN: ungler soldiers
    • LIVEMAN: jimmers
    • TURBORANGER: wular soldiers
    • FIVEMAN: batzler soldiers
    • JETMAN: grinam soldiers
    • ZYURANGER: golems
    • DAIRANGER: cotpotros
    • KAKURANGER: dorodoros
    • OHRANGER: barlo soldiers
    • CARRANGER: wumpers
    • MEGARANGER: kunekunes
    • GINGAMAN: yartots
    • GOGOV: imps
    • TIMERANGER: zenettes
    • GAORANGER: orgettes
    • HURRICANGER: maggarappas
    • ABARANGER: barmia soldiers
    • DEKARANGER: anaroids
    • MAGIRANGER: zobils
    • BOUKENGER: karths
    • GEKIRANGER: rinshi
    • GO-ONGER: ugatz
    • SHINKENGER: nanashi company
    • GOSEIGER: bibi soldiers
  • rainian agent abrella: the main villain of tokasou sentai dekaranger. he attacked the[[los dark|
    Abrella and his footsoldiers

    agent abrella and his men

    ]] gokaiger with his three types of foot soldiers. he was destroyed by the gokaiger(save for marvelous) as the dekaranger.
  • baseball mask: one of the mask monsters from the orignal HIMUTSU SENTAI GORANGER. he played the gokaiger(as goranger) in a game of baseball, only to be destroyed.
  • fake gokai-OH: los darks mecha. it is a dark copy of gokai-OH. it was destroyed by five grand powers and was destroyed along side los dark
    Baseball mask

    baseball mask

    and the ghost ship.

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