the geki beasts are the mechs used by the gekiranger, they are powered by GEKI JYUKEN, an energy harnessed by skilled fighters or martial artests. they are the grand power of gekiranger. when using it, the gokaigers summon the mechs of the main five gekiranger; those mechs include:

geki tiger: gekireds mecha

geki jaguer: gekiblues mecha

geki cheetah: gekiyellows mecha

geki wolf: gekiviolats mecha

saidan: gekichoppers mech that orignally was used by the first jyuuken user: bruce E(whos name i
Geki tiger

geki tiger

Gokai-OH summoning geki beasts

gokai-OH summoning geki beasts

Geki cheetah

geki cheetah

s a refference to the great martial artist bruce lee)

Geki jaguer

geki jaguer

Geki wolf

geki wolf



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