Gokaiger VS gavan

gokaiger VS gavan

Gavan dehenshined

gavan human form

Gavan and gokai red

gokai red and gavan

GOKAIGER VS GAVAN is an upcoming crossover between the gokaiger and the first incarnation of the metal hero line, space sherriff gavan. it is the first super sentai/metal hero crossover and the second time that super sentai teamed up with another toku hero; the first being the team up between kamen rider decade and samurai sentai shinkenger. it is going to be billed with KAMEN RIDER X KAMEN RIDER: OOO AND FOURZE MOVIE WAR MAX in december and will be released on dvd around march 2012.


to be added




  • denji blue(denshi sentai denjiman)
  • battle kenya(battle fever J)



  • navi




  • jealousto(gokaiger)
  • kigleisa(go-onger)
  • yogorex de stein(go-onger)
  • kitedeneis(go-onger)
  • flying fist bae(gekiranger)
  • dark shadow syndacete(boukenger)
    • gekkou of illusions
    • shizuka of the wind
  • vaccuria(magiranger)
  • trinoid 12(abaranger)


  • elder sneak brother(gokaiger)
  • younger sneak sister(gokaiger)
  • three evil spirits(goseiger)
    • great king mons drake
    • kinggon of the big foot
    • robogogu of the 10-sai


  • red- gosei red, pteraranger, big one, akaranger
  • blue- denjiblue, pink flash, dekabreak, red racer
  • yellow- hurricane yellow, boukenpink, gaowhite ,female shinken red
  • green- battle kenya, fivepink, abarekiller ,ohred
  • pink- gosei pink, megapink, gekichopper ,magired(female version)
  • silver- go-on gold, dynapink, Kibaranger, timefire


  • similar to how MOVIE WAR MEGAMAX features three new kamen riders(aqua, nadeshiko, and poseidan) this will feature three returning legends
  • this is the second known sentai team up with another J-hero, the first was shinkenger and kamen rider decade
  • this special may imply that sentai and metal hero take place within the same universe.
  • this is the first appearance of the 36TH sentai series: TOKUMEI SENTAI GOBUSTERS.
  • all the senshi the gokaiger change into in the All red gokai change are ones that have appeared in eithor the show or films(akaranger appeared in GOKAIGER GOSEIGER 199 BATTLE, red racer appeared in episode 14, female shinken red appeared in episode 9 and 10, magired appeared in episode 3, and timefire appeared in episode 18)
  • this shows the first glimpse at male Pink Rangers.

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